Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Milan Fashion Week: The final

With the AmFar Gala yesterday night (raised one milion euros), ended the Milan Fashion Week: busy, chaotic, crowded, fashinating, charming, mad, crazy and enjoyable...  
Here are the runways of the last day. Curiosities and more stuff maybe in the nex posts.


Young girls with a mascouline touch: a man jacket weared on the dresses. Panama hats, amazing sunglasses, men's shoes and heels. The collection is sexy, fresh, chic and modern.


A powerful collection...
For his forty years of activity Roberto Cavalli designs a collection that contains all the items of his work.
A journalist defined it "the Avatar woman", and I totally agreed. Sexy, wild, with long hair, she's all covered by fringes and laces. Incredible is the leather manufacturing.


Laetitia Casta close the runway


"Le mille e una notte" (I think the correct translation is "The Arabian nights"  but in italian it seems better :D). This has been the first thought when I saw the collection. Apart for the first black outfits, the collection is all declined in bleu... After all the invitation card was saying: La femme bleu.
Princesses of the desert on the runways with turbans and flat shoes. Tailored suits, tunics, pants, and long dresses. I find it touching and really elegant.

Great final!

See you soon.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MILAN FW: Recap of the week-end (day 4 and 5)

Busy days here in Milan... The week-end has been full of things to do: fashion shows, the trade fair in MilanoCity, the WHITE trade in via Tortona, the design district, the events, Naomi Campbell at Dolce&Gabbana to celebrate 25 years of career... I didn't have time to continue the updating of the fashion shows, so here's the recap of these two days.

25th of Semptember


A very sexy woman on the runway...
Long chifffon dresses, the prints that made famous the Maison and strings for a modern cow-girl.


Great colours, the dresses are fluent and embossed.
The simplicity of a white t-shirt with a fluorescent skirt change the standards of elegance...
Prints and stripes complete the collection. Minimalist, modern, simple and experimental.


Anna Molinari continues the work of this season presenting a collection with a jungle touch.
It's easy to recognize the DNA of the Maison in the animalier prints, in the fluo colours and in the bags with the fringes. Amusing but not innovative.


Tomas Maier said that a woman doesn't need strong colours, and in this collection the palette is basic.
The style is casual and informal but the materials are precious. Embroideries applications on the dresses.
Always a great use of the leather.

PS I personally didn't like the hairstyle and the make-up; the models look like they were just out of the shower...

26th of September


Sporty and chic collection...
Lots of colours, sweatsuits, superimpositions and paillettes all over the dresses.
Great proportions, nice the work on leather and the accessories. 


A very clean collection. Two the colours: white and some black (somewhere).
Lace dresses, trasparencies, needlework, flowers and crystals... References to Sicily. Fresh and romantic (but I didn't like the shoes).


Vibrations, graphics, inlays, patchwork...
A sort of Gypsy girl, full of colours, with long dresses and big hats. Strong cuts and prismatic sandals.


Massimiliano Giornetti designs a sophisticated collection.
Crochet work, suede, foulards, and long dresses. Neutral colours except for a strong dark blue.
Among the accessories stand out all the shoulder bags.

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