Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sales time-round two

Looking at Bryanboy blog yesterday, I saw the Louboutins shoes for men for the next season... I think that also Shonwer talk about them some time ago (is that alright Luca? I think it was the Spring/Summer Collection, the ones covered by the silver-toned studs)... Anyway, of course I cannot afford them, but this morning I saw those pair of shoes in a shop here in Bergamo and I couldn't resist (plus, they were 50% off!). So, I got back home with them and the pair of cargo pants that you also see in the picture down here.
My friends in the shop also showed me part of the Autumn/Winter collections and I saw some things that I like (no doubt)... But for now that's enough; this was the second sales round and I'm done (otherwise I won't have enough money to go on holiday)! I need to do a quick recap of the things that I've bought in this period just to calculate how much I spent on the whole and to convince me to stop. :S

Friday, July 16, 2010

That's Haute Couture baby!

While these are the days of AltaRoma (the Haute Couture week in the italian Capital), I'm trying to do a quick recap of the Haute Couture Collections that took place in Paris last week. Paris is certaily the leader city for Haute Couture, as Milano is the leader city in pret-à-porter. Paris has always kept the Couture to a very high level, protecting the designers and the Couture itself in a very strong way (in fact it can be done only by firms that meets certain well-defined standards), whereas Rome have always had problems in organization, in coordination and in defining the standards to it. That's why Valentino and Giorgio Armani decided to present their collections in Paris. Didier Grumbach (Président de la Fédération Francaise de la Couture) said that despite the period of crisis the French Couture is coming back to the ancient splendours, and I think this is evident just looking at the runways. I hope that Silvia Venturini Fendi (Neo Presidente AltaRoma) could do a great job to bring Rome to a higher level; premises and trust are with her.

PARIS 2010


Maybe the best collection of all Haute Couture week.
10 dresses.
Riccardo Tisci chose a presentation instead of the runway for his Haute Couture Collection, inspired by Frida Kahlo.
Very sexy!

<--One of the best dresses of all week!

I love it!

The only thing I can say is....


<-- 1600 hours of work to do this dress, which is already sold!

Who is the lucky (and rich) Lady who bought it?


<-- Cost of this dress: 88 thousand euros

Young Couture! Little dresses for the new it-girls.

Lightness, pastel colours, needlework... and of course a little bit of red, roses, and bows.


Strong colours, models in a sort of botanical garden, dressed as modern nymphs...

Let's say... Flower Power!

Stéphane Rolland

New proportions, strong cuts, dark colours.

A lady of the space age (or from another space?)

Maison Martin Margiela

A work on the leather in all his declinations.

Conceptual and experimental as usual.

Bouchra Jarrar

Linear and clean collection, but I defininitely vote down the shoes... noooo way!

Elie Saab

Red Carpet dresses (that's why he's famous)!

Jean Paul Gaultier

W the Burlesque!

Dita Von Teese on the runway of the Jean Paul Gaultier Collection...

Dedicated to a charming, sexy and misterious woman.

Alexis Mabille

These three outfits reminds me something of Valentino, don't you think?

The use of the lace, of the ruches and of course the bows!

Armani Privé
All blonde models for the runway, including the Top Karmen Kass. Armani (who is always reluctant in having famous models in his shows) showed a very complete collection: not only beautiful dresses but also tailleurs and daily outfits.

great outfit

(and what a model)!

While the previous Haute Couture Collection was dedicated to the Moon, this Collection is more related to the Earth: Amber colours&hot shades...

Very elegant and sophisticated.

Re Giorgio non si smentisce mai...


models under a Lion (Mademoiselle Coco birth sign):









Leather boots, lamè, embroidery, flowers, paillettes...

Long live to Kaiser Karl!

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