Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sales time-round two

Looking at Bryanboy blog yesterday, I saw the Louboutins shoes for men for the next season... I think that also Shonwer talk about them some time ago (is that alright Luca? I think it was the Spring/Summer Collection, the ones covered by the silver-toned studs)... Anyway, of course I cannot afford them, but this morning I saw those pair of shoes in a shop here in Bergamo and I couldn't resist (plus, they were 50% off!). So, I got back home with them and the pair of cargo pants that you also see in the picture down here.
My friends in the shop also showed me part of the Autumn/Winter collections and I saw some things that I like (no doubt)... But for now that's enough; this was the second sales round and I'm done (otherwise I won't have enough money to go on holiday)! I need to do a quick recap of the things that I've bought in this period just to calculate how much I spent on the whole and to convince me to stop. :S


  1. Ehi federico! Yes, sure, i talked about the Louboutin's men shoes in one of my old post, and i think they're amazing. And are amazing also your new shoes! Really cool. I love studs shoes and instead of buy them, i decided to do by myself!! I'll show you soon! :p

  2. Thanks! Can't wait to see yours! ;)


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