Saturday, October 9, 2010

The fashion month is over. Paris Recap (part une)

With the end on Paris fashion week we can say that the fashion month is over. Anna dello Russo officialy used all hundred outfits, so she has to come back home, while Anna Wintour is a little disappointed with me because I didn't say anything concerning the New York fashion week and I only posted something on Milano and Paris (please don't fire me Anna I promised I'll be good).
The Paris fashion week last almost 9 (I said NINE) days: always more than the other cities (french always want to be the first, even if they don't have a lot of french designers).  A really full calendar of events, shows and parties... Let's have a quick recap:


Everybody was waiting for Sara Burton's first collection... Replace an incredible designer such as Alexander McQueen is definitely not easy, but she passed the exam. The collection is strong, the DNA of the Maison is respected. Now there is a feminine touch, maybe less rage and more lightness.


Strong cuts, clean proportions for the dresses, the jackets and the shirts. The pied de poule is used as a print on materials such as leather and synthetic fabrics...  Nice the colour combination. A masculine touch with the shoes.

    Gisele Bundchen close the runway


Pure Balmain style. No surprises in Decarnin's collection: jeans, leather leggins, ripped tank tops, studded jackets, shorts, pins everywhere...
The proportions are slim and very sexy. For a rock party girl (such as Kate).


At the Grand Palais models walk in a sort of Versailles garden, dressed with chiffons, laces, feathers and crystals... An airy and delicate collection, even in the use of the leather and in the incredible manufacturing on fabrics. Wonderful the palette of colours: black and white (of course), yellow, pink, azure... Amazing collection, but I didn't like the shoes... (Ok, I know that in some posts I said that I dind't like the shoes, but I'm really not into clogs and wedges... I prefer flat shoes or pumps, I find them chic and sexy. In fact I love how Ines de la Fressange - model and Roger Vivier ambassador- closed the runway: a long black dress with flat shoes... I was wondering who chose them... Her o Karl?)

Ines de la Fressange

To be continued...


  1. Neanche a me piacciono le scarpe.Anzi,è raro ad un defilè vedere delle belle scarpe! Forse sarò un po' schizzinosa sull'argomento....Per questo preferisco pubblicare i dettagli,proprio per non vedere le scarpacce che hanno abbinato sotto!

  2. Thanks for the fabulous round up....I am not sure if it is a good thing to wake up on Sunday morning and covet all these clothes....but that's what I am doing! xv

  3. Balmain non delude mai! E le sue giacche? Pura perfezione... Valeria

  4. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Fashion Week is the must see event for the fashion girls and boys.

    I like your blog. I find it interesting. I will stop by again to see what's new.

    I hope you visit mine. I will follow you if you follow me.

    Take care!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will definitely follow you. I' ll stop by to check on your future posts.

    from NY, smooches!!!!

  6. i tuoi post sono sempre perfetti...è come esserci stati...grande

  7. Mi piace molto la tua recensione, ma l'unica che mi ha colpito veramente è stato Balmain...ok nulla d'innovativo, ma una collezione completamente vendibile per intero.
    Sono Andrea di not just for, anche io sono tuo follower a presto ;)

  8. Beautiful post!! Beautiful Blog - bravo!!
    let me know if you want to xchange links

  9. Thanks 4 visiting today! Let me know if u want to xchange links...i'd like to follow ur blog. Sign up as a follower & we'll keep in touch!

  10. Following you now!


  11. Tutti quegli abiti/opere d'arte di McQueen mi fanno impazzire.
    Sono invece un po' delusa da Balenciaga.Capita..

  12. The woman in pink in the Christian Dior collection is beautiful.

  13. McQueen continues to be one of my favorites! Sarah Burton certainly captured the feel of the house and I couldn't be happier with the season's collection!


  14. me gusta el mono amarillo


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